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WhO iS PerCy?

PerCy channels Tom Waits with interference from Weird Al.  He puts his soul into those familiar, nostalgic holiday songs but gets lost amidst the wonder of it all.  Some have speculated that PerCy may have hearing or cognitive disorders, but PerCy thinks its just a disturbance in the force.  Whatever, the stuff's unique. 

Put the PerCy Spirit in your soul

PerCy's new EP is "I Try So Hard Each Christmas."  Get yo PerCy Spirit at these fine MP3 sites:

La La


Amazon MP3




Amie Street

The last time PerCy checked, he said the prices at Amie Street were lower than filthy dirty dirt. 

PerCy's NevERs

 PerCy's MySpace page Cool

To improve your spirits, go to PerCy's myspace page and stream the songs from his EP,  "I try so hard each Christmas

PerCy on iTunes

I Try so Hard Each Christmas is now available on iTunes, which is cool, if you want to get PerCy in yur iPod for those holiday situations where a little audio iPod escape is needed.  When someone asks what you are doing, just tell them you are getting the PerCy Spirit!